Coming March 2022

Rethinking Global Mobilization

by Ryan Shaw

“Biblical, visionary, and prophetic, Rethinking Global Mobilization is a powerful paradigm shift for your local church.” – Rev. David P. Jacob, Trinity Bible College


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It’s Time to Re-Think

What comes to mind when you think of mission mobilization? What if God had a broader, comprehensive purpose to educate, inspire and activate His whole, global Church with His vision of the Great Commission? 

What if mobilization referred to the entire process of enabling the whole, global Church to express her core corporate identity as God’s multiplying, reproducing people? These key issues are what Ryan Shaw’s new book, Rethinking Global Mobilization, brings attention to.

What people are saying about Rethinking Global Mobilization

Key Endorsements

Ryan Shaw expertly sets out the premise that nothing short of global mobilization will inspire the global church to engage the Great Commission. In fact, every Christian has a part in this global task and every culture has something unique to bring to it.

Dr. Todd Johnson
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

The Church is stepping into a new landscape of global mission. This new season demands new approaches and new perspectives in fulfilling the Great Commission. Rethinking Global Mobilization offers exactly theseThis is written for mission mobilizers like you.

Dr. Bambang Budijanto
General Secretary, Asia Evangelical Alliance

“Nothing excites me more than to see the global church awakening to our God-given mission. Ryan Shaw has been on the leading edge of this final great wave of mission mobilization. I don’t know anyone better positioned to point the way.”

Steve Richardson
President, Pioneers USA

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